CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Edinburgh, Springside

Posted: 21 Apr, 2015


Blue Grey Granite‚ Silver Grey Granite & Black Basalt Paving, Kerbs & Channels, Steps, Tactile Paving, Copings, Bollards, Cladding Benches


CED Stone Group is delighted to have successfully supplied the natural stone landscaping materials for this prestigious project. Springside is a new neighbourhood in central Edinburgh with 600 new homes‚ 140‚000 sq ft of office space‚ shops and facilities set in an eight-acre landscape of parks and open spaces. Located in Fountainbridge‚ half a mile west of Edinburgh Castle‚ its name comes from the springs that used to rise in this area.

The main landscape spaces are made up of almost 5000m2 in a 3-colour mix of Chinese fine picked and flame textured basalt and granite setts; black‚ mid-blue grey and silver grey. The contrasting colours work very well and set the tone for a very attractive and relaxing landscape around the buildings. There are also approximately 2500 linear metres of silver grey kerbs and channels in a variety of styles and sizes as well as upwards of 3000m2 of cubes with a split surface finish supplied from Portugal.

The most complicated sections are the copings with changes in levels and direction necessitating that more than 200 different shapes were produced. Strict factory quality control procedures were needed to produce the required detail correctly. Accuracy of the production was crucial and better than normal tolerances were achieved. Within the different shapes, there are well over 1000 pieces of the coping in highly polished black basalt‚ with around 100 pieces in honed silver grey granite.

Special step units in flame textured mid-grey granite include black basalt visibility inserts fitted at the factory. Special ribbed and tactile sections again in black were produced to a very high-quality finish and are in position at road edges and around the step areas.

Other items supplied include fine picked bollards‚ polished cladding and black basalt benches. This is a very well thought out scheme‚ which has produced spectacular results‚ in terms of both its excellent functionality and attractive appearance.

P1 Solutions

Contractor: P1 Solutions

P1 Solutions was founded in 1977.

Over the following decades we have developed into a group of five specialist companies, each working with a wide range of public sector clients including all the major construction companies and regional councils.

The group companies deal with all aspects of construction and maintenance, hard and soft landscaping, fencing, contracting and tree services.

  • Edinburgh, Springside
  • Edinburgh, Springside
  • Edinburgh, Springside
  • Edinburgh, Springside
  • Edinburgh, Springside