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The Revelation Garden

Project year: 2019
Posted: 12 Aug, 2019


Mike Baldwin


Derby College


Silver Merit Medal


Kebony, CED Stone Group, R&G Metal Products


A fantastic amount of work went into this garden, created by over 50 horticulture and arboriculture students ranging in age from 16 years old up to 70 years plus. Entered into the Show Garden category, The Revelation garden was a series of gardens within a garden that the public was able to walk through and experience each distinct area.

‘They pass the four horses, galloping out of the gates, through the water rill and the Catalpa Avenue. They enter the searching garden, complete with a cobble mosaic ammonite path, curved open metal roof, Fibonacci style bench and enter the teardrop melancholic garden. The melancholic garden has a swing seat looking across the teardrop pool to a blade water cascade mirror. They then will traverse the peace garden, with wildflowers, a large oak tree with a circular seat around it, and white flowering dogwoods. They enter a love garden, with heart stepping stones, a friendly family arbour and cottage style planting, and then into a fountain extravaganza Joy garden, with firework style planting. The public then walk back along the other side of the rill.’

​Learn more about the garden here

Products used:
Flat White Pebbles
Scottish Beach Cobbles

  • The Revelation Garden
  • Flat Green & Flat White Cobbles, Icelandic Pebbles & Scottish Beach Cobbles
  • The Revelation Garden
  • The Revelation Garden
  • Mike Baldwin