CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

The Wordless Cupboard

Project year: 2017
Posted: 23 Aug, 2017

Other Materials:

Icelandic Black Pebbles


A landslide of glacial boulders featuring CED Stone's Celtic and Gabbro boulders surrounded two 3-metre high oppressive cubes, evoking a sense of powerlessness and inability to communicate in words.

Between the cubes, an acrylic panel displayed symbolic blank sheets of paper to highlight the fact that many people are not able to express themselves easily, either due to conditions like autism or because of oppressive regimes. Words represent power and this creation is an expression of the oppression of the powerlessness.

Working closely with CED’s Scotland depot at Castlecary near Falkirk, Sheena chose her products with great care. Visiting the team there, she spent several hours going through the variety of different boulders, pebbles and aggregates before selecting Celtic Boulders, Gabbro Boulders, Icelandic Black Pebbles and Flat Grey Pebbles.

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Products used:
Flat Grey Pebbles
Celtic Boulders
Gabbro Boulders

Designer: Sheena Seeks

After graduating from Art College I exhibited extensively throughout the UK in Ceramic Sculpture and worked as an illustrator before deciding to study Garden Design. This came about as a logical progression from creating sculptures for gardens.

As a keen gardener all my life I have developed a broad knowledge of the subject before formally studying horticulture. My first garden was when I was 15 years old I redesigned and built my mums garden (which she paid for). I never found out if she actually had wanted her garden redesigned.

Contractor: Eden Landscapes Projects Ltd

  • Icelandic Black Pebbles, Flat Grey Pebbles
  • Celtic Boulders, Gabbro Boulders
  • Celtic Boulders, Gabbro Boulders, Icelandic Black Pebbles, Flat Grey Pebbles