CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

The BGS Geological Walk

The British Geological Walk at BGS Keyworth was opened in May 2012 and features no less than three billion years of Earth's history. The British stone industry came together in a remarkable way to support this project which shows every type of British paving stone in regular production and a good few that are not, but could be. CED stone and in particular our chairman Michael Heap worked in conjunction with the British Geological Survey for more than 2 years to facilitate the creation of the Walk.

On the day of the launch with over 60 guests in attendance Michael Heap, Michael, together with Stephen Parry, the BGS’ mineralogist and petrologist led guided tours through the 130m long path.

The pathway runs in geological order and displays over 1200m2 of natural stone and includes some 40 different products with materials representative of every period from the Precambrian to the Quaternary. Each period is bounded by stainless steel divider strips and has nameplates set into the central timeline spine. Stainless steel numbers are also set into the spine, cross-referencing with a leaflet which enables the easy identification of all the different stone types.

As you would expect‚ there are also many interesting specimen rocks‚ some quite spectacular.

The presence of this path is such that we have devoted a new section of our website to displaying the photographs and detailing the materials used. The plan dimensions and thicknesses have been selected to be appropriate for the application but also to be those that are most efficiently produced in the quarry so keeping waste to a minimum and consequently keeping costs down at the same time.

The specification guide is available to download here.

View the path here.

If you are interested in making an appointment to view the path please contact our Midlands depot (01773 769916).