CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Dulwich, Alleyns School

Posted: 20 Apr, 2015


Rooff Limited


Yellow Granite Paving, Yellow Granite Setts & CEDEC Footpath Gravel


“The granite colour chosen for this scheme was buff/yellow which gives a wonderful flowing variation across the scheme.

The raw blocks have grey‚ white‚ buff and yellow structures‚ meaning that individual stones can have 2 and 3 colour tones running through them. The finishes chosen were bush hammered‚ which has the effect of lightening the original colour and flame texturing‚ which when applied to yellow colours creates a pinky red hue.

Products supplied include setts 100mm x 100mm thick x 200mm as well as paving 300mm x 50mm thick x 600mm.

The main features are the large blocks used as benches‚ walling and steps. They define the areas and add to the visually pleasing effect. Other items supplied include cladding‚ coping‚ planters and CEDEC® gravel to the tree pits.”

  • Dulwich, Alleyns School
  • Dulwich, Alleyns School
  • Dulwich, Alleyns School
  • Dulwich, Alleyns School