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Make Your Garden A Spectacular Summer Retreat.

Post date: 20 Jun, 2023

Summer is here and the garden beckons, but is your garden summer ready?

We've put together some ideas and recommendations on how to make your garden a spectacular summer retreat.


Soak Up Solutions to Flooding - By Lynn Hill

Post date: 06 Jun, 2022

As extremes of weather caused by the climate crisis continue to take hold, flooding is increasingly becoming an issue across the UK. We are not powerless and we can play a very positive role in the solutions to the environmental crisis we face.


Exploring Colour

Post date: 02 Apr, 2022

The colours you use in your garden should be as considered as the colour you paint your living room walls. In this blog post we explore colour and their effects when used in the garden.


Things To Consider When Choosing Paving

Post date: 23 Mar, 2022

When choosing paving stones for your garden, it is essential to think not only of style but also how you will use your garden space because not all paving materials are equal. This article gives guidance on considerations which should be made when choosing paving for your outdoor space.


Reclaimed Granite Setts In Britain – A brief history of their origins and uses.

Post date: 14 Dec, 2021

Stone has been used on roads in Britain for at least 2000 years – since Roman times. As Britain industrialised, it became evident that the poor quality and roughness of the roads was a major restriction on the transport of goods and our ability to trade, and production of shaped blocks of stone began....


Why Settle for 'Stone-Effect'? - By Stone Federation GB

Post date: 23 Feb, 2021

The question is simple: why settle for an imitation when the real deal has so much to offer in both design potential and value for money?


Historic Charm

Post date: 12 Feb, 2021

Stone has a wonderful tendency to improve in appearance over time; many streets in our British towns and cities have been laid for hundreds of years with lumpy, worn cobbles and aged paving flags. These stones have been naturally weathered over years of use by crowds, market carts, wagons and stage coaches; so using reclaimed stone is guaranteed to bring a special and historic character to your landscape.


Choosing Gravel For Your Driveway

Post date: 07 Mar, 2019

A versatile landscaping material, aggregates and gravels have a multitude of uses and are the ideal decorative stone for laying driveways. But when it comes to selecting an aggregate or gravel for your driveway, there are certain factors which you should consider



Post date: 07 Mar, 2019

Pathways have a multitude of purposes in landscape design; they lead, join, define and balance. A path must be practical, but it can also be beautiful, eye-catching, or even playful! When considering natural stone paving to build your walkway, there is no end to the different designs you can make. We’ve put together this list of natural stone products that you can use to create a beautiful and long-lasting garden path.