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Things To Consider When Choosing Paving

When choosing paving stones for your garden, it is essential to think not only of style but also how you will use your garden space because not all paving materials are equal. There are many things to consider when purchasing paving for your outdoor space.


Staining is a factor to consider when choosing flags to pave your garden. Muddy feet or paws, spilt drinks, oil, and grease can leave unsightly marks on your new patio area. The structure of some stone materials makes them particularly porous and, as such, more susceptible to staining, so the paving material you select requires careful thought. Natural sandstone will quickly absorb spillages deep into the stone, making stains tricky to clean, this can be prevented though by applying a quality sealant.

If you think staining is a risk, we recommend you opt for paving that will hide marks such as Porphyry, Slate or Blue Grey Granite, or you go for a less porous material such as Porcelain which can easily be wiped clean.



Let us start by saying there is NO SUCH THING as maintenance-free paving.

All paving materials will gather dirt no matter what, but some will require cleaning, some more frequently than others. Light coloured pavings such as Moleanos Limestone and Buff Sandstone will require regular cleaning to keep them bright and looking good as new sealing is also advisable. If you don't mind the weathered look, giving your paving a good power wash once or twice a year should be sufficient. Good low maintenance options are Black Basalt and, in particular, Porcelain.

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When choosing paving stones for your patio area, think about the overall look you are trying to achieve. Riven paving such as Yorkstone will give a traditional rustic feel to your garden, whilst sawn pavings will have a more contemporary feel. The colour of your paving can have quite an effect on your landscaped area. Lighter coloured flags are a good choice for small shaded areas as they reflect light and give the impression of space, whilst darker flags can provide a dramatic and bold look.

Moleanos Limestone Paving

Think you've found the paving you want, make sure to view it wet before committing to buy! Almost all natural stone paving transforms when wet, some subtly like the Black Basalt, which changes from a charcoal grey to a jet black when wet. Others such as Pink Sandstone seen below see a substantial change in colouring.

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Stone is not made, it exists. If you are looking for a natural stone patio, you must accept the stone's beautiful natural patterning and variations. Some types of stone will have a more consistent shade or pattern throughout the slabs, and some will have a natural variation of shades. Granites tend to have more regular patterning throughout the slabs, whereas sandstones are known for their colour variation. Keep this in mind when choosing your paving.

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All of our natural stone is textured to provide slip resistance underfoot, but they have different textures this is worth considering. For sloped areas, or if you are particularly concerned about slipping, it's worth considering a more textured stone such as riven options. Riven paving is naturally split down the lines of layered minerals, leaving a slightly irregular, rustic surface. A riven surface may cause problems for those with mobility issues.

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Most granites have a flat but rough grainy surface which is ideal for slip resistance but not so great for clumsy children's knees!

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Smooth sawn sandstones still have slip resistance but will feel much smoother under bare feet in the summer.

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Again, it's about considering the garden's use.


Think about how much you want to spend on your paving area. For the small budget, materials such as Riven Sandstones, Limestones, or Silver Grey Granite are good options. Sawn Sandstones, Slate and Black Basalt, are great mid-cost options. Got a bigger budget, your options can include pavings such as sawn Yorkstone, Italian Porphyry and luxury porcelains.

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It's a lot to think about and with more choice than ever when it comes to selecting the correct materials and products for your outdoor space, choosing the right one will make a significant impact on the finish and longevity of your project. The thing to remember is a beautiful, durable natural stone paving will stand the test of time and is a real investment.

If you are ready to start the search for garden paving get in touch or visit your local CED Stone Landscape Depot. Our people really are experts in their field, with a wealth of expertise gained from over forty years in the industry, we can easily offer friendly and helpful advice to make sure you select the perfect product for your design.