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Historic Charm

Post date: 12 Feb, 2021

Stone has a wonderful tendency to improve in appearance over time; many streets in our British towns and cities have been laid for hundreds of years with lumpy, worn cobbles and aged paving flags. These stones have been naturally weathered over years of use by crowds, market carts, wagons and stage coaches; so using reclaimed stone is guaranteed to bring a special and historic character to your landscape.



Post date: 07 Mar, 2019

Pathways have a multitude of purposes in landscape design; they lead, join, define and balance. A path must be practical, but it can also be beautiful, eye-catching, or even playful! When considering natural stone paving to build your walkway, there is no end to the different designs you can make. We’ve put together this list of natural stone products that you can use to create a beautiful and long-lasting garden path.