CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Countryfile’s 30th Anniversary Garden

Project year: 2018
Posted: 05 Jul, 2018


Designed by Ann-Marie Powell and constructed by the team from Sandstone Design, the garden is inspired by the British landscape and the people who live, visit and work in rural areas. The design features a tiered landscape consisting of different sections, each with its own unique character representing a different area of the British landscape, with its individual native stone and planting. The garden reaches across the Isles, from the Scottish Highlands to the Yorkshire Dales and the woodlands in North Wales to the lakes and rivers of the South.

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Products used:
Weathered Limestone Rockery
Purbeck Limestone Rockery
Gabbro Boulders

Designer: Ann-Marie Powell

Contractor: Sandstone Design

  • Purbeck Limestone Rockery
  • Gabbro Boulders
  • Countryfile's 30th Anniversary Garden