CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Zoflora And Caudwell Children’s Wild Garden

Project year: 2017
Posted: 30 Aug, 2017


Gold Medal, BBC People’s Choice Award




Landscape Architects Adam White and Andrée Davies, of Davies White Landscape Architects, boast a wealth of experience in designing playful landscapes and gardens for children. Perfectly connecting children of all abilities with the great outdoors, Adam and Andree have designed the Wild Garden as a natural woodland setting for a fun and stimulating area that’s perfect for exploring.

The child’s journey through the garden starts off with an open woodland glade, where Adam and Andrée have used simple materials and planting with a path made with large round stone stepping stones – all to keep the visual textures and amount of sensory information reduced for children who could potentially feel overwhelmed. Gradually as the child travels through the garden, the paving ‘shrinks’, allowing more complicated shapes and patterns to be adapted to overtime. More complex colours and scents are also introduced with the planting.

Water cascading down a larger pile of rocks and stones at the beginning of the path shrinking path gives the first promise of the magic and movement the garden has to offer. A wonderful babbling brook lined with various cobbles, pebbles and aggregates weaves through the trees and plants, giving life to the garden and adding another dimension to the children’s play.

Products used:
Mixed Glacial Boulders
Gabbro Boulders
Porphyry Plattens
Highland Cobbles
Slabby Sandstone Rockery
CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Red
Scottish Beach Cobbles
Aegean Black Cobbles & Pebbles

Designer: Davies White Landscape Architects

Contractor: Martin Hughes at Gerald Davies Ltd

  • Adam White
  • Slabby Sandstone Rockery
  • Sliced Boulders
  • Sliced Boulders