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CED Stone Become Exclusive Schellevis Distributers

Post date: 13 Jun, 2022

At CED Stone, we are proud to offer customers the most varied range of natural stone and hard landscaping products on the market. Adding to our already extensive range, we are delighted to announce that we are now the exclusive Schellevis distributors for Scotland, Isle of Man and East England*.

With a history of almost 85 years, Schellevis produce concrete slab products designed for use in private gardens and public spaces. They supply a great range of products, including block pavers, pool copings and their much sought-after and striking large format slabs.

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Giles Heap - Managing Director

When Schellevis contacted us to become an exclusive partner for their range of slabs, pavers, steps, copings and seating elements we recognized a good fit with ourselves immediately. The products are all well designed and manufactured to give a unique character, echoing in part natural stone. More importantly two statements from Schellevis rang true with ourselves.

"We believe it's important that an outdoor space is well-balanced and exudes tranquillity. Because in a living environment like that, you can relax; you're in your element, enjoying it. Whether alone or together with others. The outdoor space is the domain of Schellevis® and nature is a major source of inspiration. We connect architecture with nature, with respect for the environment. That's how we contribute to a sustainable, natural experience of the outdoor space".
"With outdoor space as our domain and nature as the greatest source of inspiration, sustainability has been an important theme at Schellevis® for years. In everything we do, we aim for the best quality while trying to make the smallest possible impact on people and nature. That means in practice that we use natural materials in our production process and recycle as much as possible. At present, more than 25% of material consists of recycled materials."
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Those that know CED Stone Group well, will see the synergy immediately, stylish crafted products produced in a sustainable low impact method.

Very shortly you will be able to visit and view displays at our CED Stone Landscape Depots. In the meantime you can view the products Schellevis have to offer through our website and contact us for a quotation.


We are excited to be working alongside our new partner and are committed to presenting a fantastic range to the wider audience of our customer base.

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*(Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk)