CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

CED Stone Group feature among the Award Winning gardens at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

Post date: 07 Aug, 2015

Although a smaller event than Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace RHS Flower Shows, Tatton Park is still full of innovating, creative and inspirational gardens that are sure to catch the eye of any attendee. The RHS Tatton Park Flower Show marks the end of the seasons flower shows and CED Stone Group are proud to have been involved with three award winning gardens and one award winning trade stand.

Reflecting Photonics Garden

Helen Elks-Smith designed the innovative ReflectingPhotonics Garden, based on this years light theme. Helen paid excellent attention to detail and beautifully portrayed the affect of light splitting. The array of plants display a full spectrum of colour and have been planted in a way that they reflect refracted light. White plants can be seen at the beginning of the garden slowly transitioning into a rainbow of colour, when passing the awe inspiring, light filled, pavilion. Each individual panel within the pavilion was carefully selected and placed so that they either reflect colour onto the garden or mirrors parts of the garden, depending on the position of the sun at specific moments in time. Helen used CED’s White Marble Aggregate and Cedagravel to create a white meandering path. At each bend in the path a rainbow of SureSet was added, to illustrate the spectrum seen when light refracts or is caused to bend. The garden was built by Turf‘n’ Earth and deservedly received a Gold Award as well as the People’s Choice Award.

Helen said:

“We have used CED products for many of our client’s gardens to great success and indeed in my own garden, but this is the first time we used them for a show garden. From initial conversations to completed works everything was very smooth and straightforward. CED delivered everything as discussed – which is exactly what is needed for all projects and show gardens even more so!”
The Sunset Garden

When designing The Sunset Garden, TamaraBridge was inspired by the gardens of north Norfolk, where the last, low level light is received, furnishing the garden with a warm glow. Built by FoxcroftLandscapes the garden truly reflects the beauty of the glorious summer evenings in classical, rural English country houses. With CED’sGolden Amber Footpath Gravel spread across the centre, the garden carries a sense of warmth and a golden glow throughout. Pots and arches forming an enclosure around the garden add formality, but do so in a delicate manner, so as not to dominate the garden. The garden received a Gold award with Tamara receiving the 2015 Young Designer of the Year Award.

Tamara said:

“I would like to place my thanks to the staff at CED in writing, for their help and efficiency in dealing with my order for RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. I had samples sent promptly, arriving the next day which was crucial in meeting my deadlines and once the order had been placed, the delivery of my order to site was seamless. By far the easiest to keep track of and arriving on time. I also required an addition to my order which was delivered in time, despite the short notice. Quality products and quality customer service! Thank you very much. ”
IMG 2605

Ben Edward designed the stunning Black Pepper Garden, which achieved an impressive Silver Gilt Award. Ben was inspired by the industrial revolution and the harsh social and economic changes it caused. The scorched wood pergola represents the soot-covered trees, while the name of the garden is taken from the black-peppered moth, which was forced to evolve due to the pollution caused by the industrial revolution. The planting recreates the habitat that the moth thrives in, a red brick path cuts across the habitat, leading towards a seating area and the pergola. CED sponsored this red brick path, which symbolises the industrialisation of idyllic countrysides. Built by ThePotting Sheds, the garden is a true reflection of the rural habitats of the north west of England which are gradually becoming devoured by urbanisation.

Chic Teak Tatton Park 2015

CED also teamed up with fellow BALI member ChicTeak Limited, who achieved 4 stars for their outstanding trade stand. Their stand showcased their luxury, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) compliant, high quality teak furniture along with two of CED’sBeige Sandstone, 2.7m diameter Circles. Chic Teak is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fully assembled, premium ‘Grade A’ ethically sourced, solid teak outdoor furniture.

CED are always proud to be involved in the RHS Flower Shows and look forward to next year where we hope to be given the opportunity to be involved once again. We would like to wish Helen, Tamara, Ben and Chic Teak the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope to work with them again in the near future.