CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

CED Stone Group features heavily among the gardens at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Post date: 30 Jun, 2015

CED Stone Group features heavily among the gardens at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Expert Natural Stone Supplier CED Stone Group, supplies a selection of their products to eight show gardens at this years "RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show" The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is known for its unique, unpredictable and inspiring garden designs, with designers and contractors showing off their talents in their innovative gardens, which are elegant, and some tastefully eccentric. CED are extremely proud and honoured to be featured among eight gardens at this years show.

Hadlow College The Green Seam Stuart Charles Towner Bethany Williams LDC Landscapes 12

Hadlow College is sponsoring the Green Seam Garden, which is being designed by Stuart Charles Towner and Bethany Williams. They have commissioned RDC Landscape, who had a successful show last year with designer Jean Wardrop. This year they are building a garden inspired by East Kent's mining heritage. The garden represents the idea that a hostile environment can be transformed into an educational space or a place of beauty. A coal wall be featured in the garden, to celebrate the mining heritage. It will also feature CED's Black Basalt, 14mm and CEDEC Red.

The African Vision: Malawi Garden

Designed by Gabrielle Evans and built by Marmalade Jam Landscapes, the African Vision: Malawi Garden is inspired by the issues Africa faces with famine. An "infinity mirror" takes the centre, and creates the illusion of space and vast fields of maize disappearing into the distance. Taking a closer look at this garden you will see CED's Red Felsite (20mm & 5-2mm), Black Basalt (6mm & 14mm), as well as Highland Red Sandstone Rockery.

The Tea Party Garden

In celebration of Lewis Carroll's – Alice in Wonderland's 150th anniversary, Charlie Bloom has designed The Tea Party. This eccentric garden of controlled structure and floral chaos is a true reflection of the magic and chaos of Alice in Wonderland. The garden itself is a celebration of colour, chaos, shape and above all the Great British love of tea parties in all their eccentric glory. The garden features ECCOgravel and Black Basalt, 14mm.

A Growing Obsession Garden

The Industrial Revolution triggered the evolution of the Victorian English garden, bringing flowers and colours into favour. In celebration of the Victorian Era, Jean Wardrop and Alexandra Stevenson have teamed up to design A Growing Obsession. Sponsored by Yardley London Ltd and Perennial, the garden creates a sensation of elegance, beauty and class. The elegance and refined gentility of the garden is created by Yardley London's new, Contemporary Classic Fragrance Range. The garden is being built by TKE Landscaping Ltd and will be using CED's Golden Amber footpath gravel, Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving, ECCOgravel, CEDAedge and Dutch Clay Pavers.

Ready… Aim… Flower Garden

Ready… Aim… Flower designed by Simon Webster, takes the visitor on a journey of recovery, from destruction into a more placid, beautiful and refreshing space. A sculpture of a gun dominates the garden which is aimed at a calming seating area, demonstrating the idea of serenity being in the path of destruction or alternatively how beauty can be found even in the most damaging of paths. The garden is being built by Burnham Landscaping and CED have supplied Silver Grey Granite Blister Tactile Paving, Silver Grey Granite Paving, Silver Grey Granite Aggregate and Silver Grey Granite Cobbles.

Living Landscapes: HUG Garden

Rae Wilkinson has designed the Living Landscapes: HUG garden. HUG is an acronym for Healing Urban Garden and the garden has been designed to provide a space of retreat for people in an urban setting. The garden is based on the idea that green space can enhance well-being. The serenity and enclosure of the garden should surround the visitors like a hug, providing a calming feeling. The garden will feature CED"s Meadowgrass Marble 14-8mm.

The Charleston Garden Sadie May Stowell 5

Sadie May Stowell has taken on the design and build of two gardens this year – Great Gardens of the USA: The Massachusetts Garden and Great Gardens of the USA: The Charleston Garden. The Great Garden of the USA: The Massachusetts Garden is a true reflection of city life in Boston, the cosmopolitan, cultured and diverse atmosphere is triggered by the gardens reflection of Boston'ms modern and historic elements as well as the natural beauty found in the city's many green spaces. This garden will feature reclaimed Granite Kerb. Similarly the Great Garden of the USA: The Charleston Garden, captures the spirit, charm and elegance of Charleston, showing off the cities history, sub-tropical climate and atmosphere. Charleston is a city that is famous for hidden gardens, and Sadie has taken inspiration from this, incorporating elements from all aspects of the city, making this garden something very special. This garden will be featuring CED's Indian Sandstone Crazy Paving and both gardens are being built by Sadie May Studios Ltd.

Great Gardens of the USA

We would like to wish all involved at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 the very best of luck and look forward to seeing the final Show Gardens and Trade Stands. CED have a long history of supplying materials to RHS Flower Shows and look forward to continue to do so in the future.