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CED Stone Group joins the High Ground Top Team

Post date: 10 Apr, 2021

HighGround is a small Military Charity who for the last 7 years have been delivering Horticultural therapy to serving Military personnel, initially at Headley Court in Surrey and now at DMRC Stanford Hall in Nottinghamshire. They also, provide assistance for service leavers to get into landbased industries for which many Military personnel have perfect transferable skills.

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Their newest project is called Op Frith.

Andy Wright , Therapeutic gardens Manager and Technical instructor for the charity explains,

'This project is helping other Military units to build their own mental health and physical wellbeing gardens. The first one is a large garden at Brize Norton, Oxfordshire and we are in mid planning for Army and Navy pilot gardens as well, these should hopefully lead onto other units having gardens.'
DNRC Week 9 Jacks work last weekend

Emily Cowan, CED Stone Marketing Executive states,

"When I saw Andy's call-out on Twitter looking for a paving supplier for 'Op Frith' I knew this was something CED Stone would like to be part of and didn't delay in getting in touch.

We are delighted to be supplying stone for the first Op Frith garden at Brize Norton in the knowledge that Horticultural therapy is an incredibly effective treatment to improve mental health and physical wellbeing and this garden will greatly benefit many people.

As part of the #HighGroundTopTeam we are joining companies such as Tarmac, Arbor forest products, Hortus Loci, British Sugar, Woodblocx, Mr Fothergills, Darlac, Draper tools, Burgon and Ball, Vegepod, Autopots, Vitax, BALI.

COVID has slowed progress but works are due to start on the garden at RAF Brize Norton this summer. As a company, we are proud to be a member of the #HighgroundTopTeam and to show our support for military personnel, veterans and their families.